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Welcome Members,
Welcome to our "Chasing Recovery" Discussion Forum. Please feel free to join in on our discussions by adding new questions and answering some older ones. I hope to promote peer-to-peer discussion about addiction's effect on every aspect of a person's life. This discussion or forum was created to be an open conversation which may help readers or a family member understand the mind of someone who is living in active addiction.

There will be questions and answers that members will post that may allow the reader to understand addiction's power of someone's entire mind and body. Addiction touches so many lives and there are more types of addiction, so we will discuss those too.

Come talk with us...

Thank you for stopping by! If you need a support video chat, then you will need to download the Zoom app for FREE on your devices. Next, you can send me a email at to set up the best time for us to talk.

Leave comment love.

PS: Use a nickname or alias for privacy!

Respectfully Yours,